Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Year's Day Snow

We had a good snow storm on New Year's Day. My kids were dying to go sledding. We took them down to Spence's parents house and pulled out the sleds. They have a small hill right out their back door. It was so fun. It was very snowy and blowy, but they were troopers. Chandler even stayed out most of the time. Of course, you are wondering where Hayley's hat is? She wouldn't leave it on. She said that her ears weren't cold though.

They had so much fun going down the hill together. Nothing pleases a mother more than to hear her children giggle. They would fall off at the bottom, and giggle until they could not get back up the hill. I loved it.

Of course, we couldn't finish the day off without a snowman. Hayley and I built this. Spence was going to help, but had to go get the milkman unstuck at the barn. Brock, Jordan, and Chandler went in, so Hayley and I worked and worked. Grandma only had a baby carrot for a nose, and had some gum drops that we used for the face and buttons. When I went back to look at it later, the gum drops were starting to dissolve. Hayley broke the sticks off of a bigger branch herself for the arms, and was so proud. I love it when we get to spend the day together. Those to me are always the best memories.

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Tami said...

Amber, I admire you so much...You are a Great mom and you always take time for your children. Hailey will cherish these days for a lifetime!!!