Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Jerry Bed Mom

My little Chandler loves Tom and Jerry. Every time that he gets remotely tired he says. " Mom, Jerry Bed." He loves to lay in my bed and watch Tom and Jerry reruns over and over. Most of the time he will fall asleep, but now he is learning that he doesn't like the commercials so he will get up when one comes on. I need to go buy a continuous movie with no commercials. I have been recording some new episodes for him, but I forget. It is on at 4:00 am Sunday mornings. Who remembers to set the timer?? He also has to have pink (strawberry) milk in a sippy cup. (That one is mostly me. I am not going to let him have a regular cup in my bed.)

I love his quirkiness. He sure makes me laugh.


Jessica Potter said...

So cute!

Cody and Tami said...

The boy has good taste....Tom and Jerry is the best!