Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Splurge

We are planning this trip to Disneyland, and of course we have to drive. I can't afford to fly all of us to California. We knew that our old car just might not make it down and back. I have loved my van, but it was time to get something a little newer. It is always so scary to make a new purchase like this. I had my heart set (I thought) on a Suburban, or something of the sort. We went to Logan to car shop. I have been to every lot in Pocatello a thousand times. We told the salesman what we wanted, and he said that he thought that we would be happier with this, since we won't be towing anything. And the gas mileage will be way better. Well, we drove it and I fell in love. It is a Honda Odyssey. The kids are mad because it doesn't have a TV. Boo hoo, we never had TV's growing up. Although it would be nice while driving to California.
I hope that it runs good for us for a really long time.


Melissa said...

Nice! We just got an odyssey last month and I love it!

The Yount Family said...

That is going to be so nice for you guys! And you can get those portable dvd players for pretty cheap if you really needed it, but what ever happened to good old singing in the car?

Hogan Family said...

Love it. Maybe you should teach them the alphabet game. We played that a million times going to Grandmas.