Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Very Fun Christmas

All Jordan wanted for Christmas was a green football. Luckily we found one. He loves everything that is green.

Chandler didn't care to much about the presents, he sure was happy though.

Hayley wanted make-up, make-up, make-up. She always looks so pretty now.

All Brock has talked about for 6 months is a Broncos football jersey with shoulder pads. On Christmas morning, he instantly got all dressed up and then told me, "Mom it is okay that Santa only brought me shoulder pads." I guess he was expecting all of the football pads. Oh well, he loves it, he almost had the pants worn out already.
We had Christmas at my mom and dad's with Abbey and Justin. We had a blast. It was a bad blizzard that night and Spence got up super early to milk the cows and be back before the kids got up. He made it, but I was a little worried, because it was so yucky out. Overall we had a great time.


Chris,Celeste,Baylee,& Dax said...

Yeah! I'm glad to see you finally started a blog! You're kids are really cute, I haven't seen your oldest two since Hayley was a baby they are growing up fast!

Okie Bloxhams said...

Yea! I keep meaning to email you but this is easy too. glad you joined the blogging world. your kids are so much fun and so cute!! I wish we lived closer.

The Yount Family said...

I'm so glad you have a blog now! I love seeing everyone's kids and catching up on my good friends. I miss you! Keep in touch.

Eric and Tracey said...

Hey! Glad you're here too!! Your family pic. is Awesome! I love it! We need to play sometime. We'll be much less busy this summer so hopefully we can come see you at your house! you can come see us too!

Tami said...

Amber...Way to GO!!! I am so glad to see that you and Abbey have started blogging. It is so fun and you will spend hours reading and visiting with others through the "blogworld". You did an amazing job of pulling it all together...they don't get much cuter than those Bennett kids!!! (well, probably Grandma Christensens babies...hee hee)

Jessica Potter said...

So fun to see you have a blog! Your kids are so adorable and looks like you guys are busy busy! Can't wait to see future posts!