Friday, January 2, 2009

2008: Year in Review

I am new to this blogging stuff. Thought I might give it a try. Here is our 2008 in Review:
  1. Hayley cuts her knee open. 6 Staples
  2. Amber's 8 mm kidney stone. 2 surgeries later it is gone.
  3. Brock graduates from kindergarten.
  4. Amber's sister Abbey gets married to Justin Allen.
  5. Amber's new calling of 2nd counselor in Primary Presidency.
  6. Brock starts 1st grade, Hayley starts pre school.
  7. Jordan is potty trained. FINALLY!!!
  8. Amber and Spence celebrate 8th wedding anniverary.
  9. Chandler surgery. Yuck!
  10. A very merry Christmas.
  11. A Happy New Year.

1 comment:

Jessica Potter said...

I am in the Primary Presidency as well! So much work! We have 130 children in ours!
I can't beleive you have been married for 8 years! Thats so great.
Sounds like you have had a busy year as a Mommy! That's great about Abby getting married!