Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas 2009

Christmas this year was a lot of fun. The kids talked their dad into staying at grandma and grandpas house again this year. So we went. They all got what they wanted. Jordan wanted a computer. Brock wanted real football gear. Hayley wanted a real puppy. Chandler didn't really care, so he got a helicopter, becasue he loves airplanes. (I uploaded my pictures backwards sorry.)

Hayley got her puppy. He is a puggle. His name is Lucky. She absolutely loves him. He will be the most loved puppy ever. She can't stand it when he sleeps. She wants to play. He is pretty fun though. Brock looks awesome in his football stuff. He wanted the real stuff so he could really play. He has worn it all weekend. Jordan got a V-Smile. It has some pretty fun games for him to play. Chandler loves his "airpwane" and he also got some blocks.

The kids all got ice fishing poles too. They love to go ice fishing with their dad. I am not sure why. It sounds miserble to me. Grandma and grandpa got Hayley a kid camera and got the boys remote control cars. We have all had our heels run into many times.

All in all we had a great Christmas. The kids all seemed to be happy with what they got.

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Melissa said...

That is so much fun you were able to go to your parents. I remember a time when you got a new puppy for Christmas too! Doesn't seem that long ago that you had her.