Saturday, December 5, 2009

Chandler's #2

I cannot believe that my baby is 2. He is such a fun little boy. I had an impromptu party for him this weekend, because, my days are filling up faster than I thought. He loved blowing out the candles. We had to re-light them about 5 times so he could blow them out more.

Some of the many reasons that makes Chandler so sweet:
*His irresisitable smile.
*His groovy dance moves.
*Everything is "MINE!!!"
*His sweet spirit.
*His large love for life.
*His love and passion for airplanes.
-----As we were at Temple Square during the narrative of the Nativity, Chandler looks up and sees the helicopters and airplanes in the night sky and was totally fascinated by them. All anybody around us could hear was "airpwane, airpwane, mommy."
Chandler is such a sweet little boy. I can only hope that we can avoid the terrible 2's and just carry on like normal. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHAN.


The Allen's said...

Chandler looks so big! It seems like you just had him. It's crazy how time flies. The top picture of him is so cute. Can't wait to see you again in 2 weeks!

Hogan Family said...

What a cutie. I swear it seems like yesterday when you brought him to my house and he was only 9 months. Happy B-day Chandler.