Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Downey Fair

This year, I failed as a mother and did not get Brock signed up for 4-H soon enough.  So, in return he wanted to ride his horse in open class.  We agreed and started working with him and his horse.  Well, the fair came, and I just did not trust the horse enough yet.  I was talking to my dear friend Marie Losee, and she said that he could ride her horse.  He was thrilled, and went to Marie's house to ride for a couple of days before his class.  He did awesome and "Honcho" did great as well. 
Chandler found out that there was a stick horse class, and we was ready to ride.  He rode his little stick horse, and had it backing up, and trotting in circles.  It was so cute. 
Hayley wanted to ride her horse too, but he is only a 2 year old, so we knew that he would not be ready.  She found out about the pet show, and was very eager to take Lucky to that.  She was so cute and loved showing off her little dog.  They love being in the fair this year, and are very excited to do 4-H next year.

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