Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Armstrong Family Reunion

This year for the Armstrong Family Reunion Tami was in charge,  and we all know when Tami is in charge, it is going to be a party!!  We went to a home in Raft River that has huge water slides, a zip line, a candy bomb, skeet shooting, amd lots of laughs.  The kids and adults alike went down the water slides for 8 hours.  They were exhausted and sunburned.  There were more laughs than usual. 

After the water slides, Tami had a wonderful meal of meatball subs and salads.  After that she had a fantastic game of "Minute To Win It"  The kids loved playing all of the games, and continued on with the laughs. 
After dinner and the games, the kids all decided they wanted to water slide again.  They all got their suits back on and went sliding until dark.  They had so much fun, and we really would not be too sad to have the reunion there again next year.

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