Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas 2010

 The Nativity on Chrismas Eve.  Our baby Jesus (Ella) was a little large, and kept crawling away from the set.  Too Cute.  Hayley was the star, Brock and Chandler were wise men, and Jordan was Joseph.  Sophie was Mary and Mattie was an angel and a shepherd.  Mattie has worked for weeks on this Nativity.  They all had speaking parts and they sang.  It was so cute!!!

Christmas Morning was as wonderful as ever.  I think that all of my kids were happy with what Santa brought them.  Jordan got a Leapster.  Chandler got a "Cars" car garage. Brock got a BB gun, and Hayley got an I Pod.  They were all very excited.

 Chandler loves being a cowboy and had worn out all of his other cowboy clothes so he got some new ones.  He has worn them every day since Christmas, and will probably have them worn out just as fast.
We got a new hunting game for the Wii.  Spence likes to play it as much as the kids do, of course.
Spence and I didn't buy gifts for each other this year because we are going to go to Las Vegas in February and that is our gift to each other.

Even though we all got wonderful gifts this year, we all had Uncle Norm in the back of our minds.  He spent his last Christmas in the hospital.  I don't think that any of us will ever realize what an impact he had on this little valley.  We will miss him so much.  He passed away on December 28.  We will always be praying for Marsha and her family. 


Trent and Stacie said...

Looks like a fun Christmas. What a great pic of Marsha and Norm's family. He will be missed.

Hogan Family said...

Love the picture in front of the temple!! Looks like a good Christmas. Sorry to hear about your uncle.

Unknown said...

Love your pics, you have a beautiful family! So good to see what your up to.

Hogan Family said...

Did you really come all the way up to my office on a day I was actually in and not say HI????