Monday, November 22, 2010

My Boys and Their Dogs

My boys love the dogs, especially Chandler.  This Lab "Lady" is not supposed to be a house dog, but she sneaks in all the time.  Chandler loves it when she comes in.  They are best friends, and I completely trust her with him.  She has more patience with him than she ever did with my other kids.  I love this picture of him sleeping with her.  He wants to take her to bed with him, but that is where I draw the line. 

Jordan was sleeping on the couch and out little "Lucky" got covered up with the blanket....all but his legs.  It looks like Jordan is growing a set of dog legs under the blanket.  Too funny. 
Chandler fell asleep on the floor in the sun and Lucky always lays in the sun.  Well I guess he figured if Chandler was in his sun then he would have to lay with him.  He snuggled right in and fell asleep on Chan's shoulder.  It was so precious.  I will always be a dog person, even though they do sometimes make me crazy.  They are all so good with my kids.  I know that any of the three of them would protect my kids no matter what!

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