Monday, November 22, 2010

Jordan's #5

 Where does the time go.  I cannot believe that my little Jojo is 5.  He wanted to have a party so bad so we invited Angie and her family and Lacey Lish and her kids over for pizza and cake.  Right before everyone was to arrive Jordan fell asleep.  That makes for a fun party.  I woke him up and he was a monster.  He decided to smile once the gifts started to come.  All he wanted for his birthday was the Hungry, Hungry Hippo game.  He opened it and was so excited that he got shy about it.  It was so funny.  Then we started to sing to him and he got embarassed.  He closes his eyes when he gets that way.  I love his funny little quirks.  A couple days later he got this way cool Spiderman hat and gloves.
He has worn them day and night since.  He had a fun birthday.  That weekend we took him and the other kids to Outer Limits to play.  They had a lot of fun and played every game imaginable.  Jordan had a great day!

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