Friday, February 19, 2010


I just love it when one of my kids get sick.  It is a guarantee that the rest of them will get it too.  Hayley started with a cough about 3 weeks ago.  Then Jordan, who whenever he gets a cough ends up with the barking, can't breathe cough.  Luckily, my doctor gave us medicine for when this happens.  We usually end up in the ER for breathing treatments.  Then my little Chandler got it, except his was joined with a fever too.  I am so tired of coughing, runny nose, fevered kids.  Luckily Brock hasn't gotten anything yet.  I can't wait for Spring when I can open the windows and de-germ my house.  What a great feeling.


Hogan Family said...

We have had the same thing. Krue had to have some breathing treatments as well. He hates them. I am wishing for spring for the both of us.

Cody and Tami said...

Hope everyone gets feeling better soon, I will hope for an early spring in Southeast Idaho!

Rachelle said...

I love sickness..ugghh. I can't wait for spring either. Lucky for me, it comes a lot sooner here than in Arimo..Hang in there.