Thursday, July 16, 2009

T-Ball and Coach Pitch

What a great season of T-Ball and Coach Pitch we had this year. Now that it has been over for quite some time, I finally found a few minutes to post these pictures. Hayley decided that she wanted to play T-ball this year. She didn't love it, but I told her that she had to finish the season since she started it. I guess that I am a mean mom. She pulled through each game, because she knew that there was a treat after them. That's my treat loving girl.

Brock, hopefully for his dad's sake, will always love baseball. He was thrilled to not be in T-ball this year. He was so good and always had a smile on his face. He was sad that this season ended, but he always is practicing with his dad for next year.

And of course Jordan found the mud puddles during the games. I can always count on him to find the water. That's my boy.

Sorry I forgot to flip this picture, and I am not going to start over my computer is way too slow.

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