Monday, July 27, 2009


Last week we decided to go down to Bear Lake for the day. My mom, Angie and her kids went down too. It was so beautiful. The water was perfect and it wasn't too blazing hot.
Hayley really wanted to build a sand castle, so Spence helped her. It even had a moat and bridges. They worked pretty hard on it.

Jordan loved to collect little tiny sea shells.

Chandler and grandma enjoying the warm shallow water.
Love ya mom!!!!!!!!
I guess that Hayley was a little worried about drowning!!
Brock wanted to be buried in the sand, so Spence buried him and turned him into a mermaid or I guess I should say merman. He thought that was pretty funny.

Chandler absolutely loved playing in the sand. He threw sand into that water all day. I also think he ate his fair share of sand too.

Brock also dug out a little chair in the sand. He liked to sit and relax in it.

And spence was worn out, and got a little snooze in the shade for a few minutes.
We had a great time at the lake even if it was for only a few hours. Can't wait to go back!!


Melissa said...

What a fun trip. I haven't been to Bear Lake in forever. Was the water cold? Looks like you had a great time. Looking forward to seeing you guys in the fall.

Hogan Family said...

FUN! Chandler is getting so big. Wheres the pics of you sun bathing? Give me a call. I need to get your apple thing back to you.

Colton, Whitney, Andee, and Paxton said...

Looks like a fun little getaway. Good job on the sand castle, I tried to build one with Andee but she would just knock it over as soon as I tried to get it going.

Tami said...

Amber...Looks like you all had a GREAT day!!! I love family get-aways and I am so glad that you were able to get away for a few hours and make some memories. Your kids are adorable.

The Yount Family said...

Bear Lake is always a good time, we used to go there quite a bit. I can't wait to see you!

Okie Bloxhams said...

looks like a ton of fun. do you know, i have never been to Bear Lake? weird, i know. i loved the merman and Spence's farmer tan.