Monday, May 18, 2009


Brock has finally lost his first two teeth. He has been waiting so long to lose a tooth. He had some friends that were losing them in pre-school, and he has been feeling pretty left out.
They were really loose and he wanted me to pull them out, but he was also very scared about it. We started counting and had the first one out by the time we counted to five. The second one pretty much fell out after that one. He didn't even know that they had come out he was so stressed about it. The tooth fairy hasn't come yet, he wanted to take his teeth to school for show and tell today. He was also very excited, because he lost them while he was still in first grade.
Brock also thinks that he is cool, because he and Mattie both have holes in their teeth now. I had to pull hers out for her a couple of weeks ago.


Okie Bloxhams said...

good job Brock!! Chloe keeps waiting to lose a tooth too! Shad's was last May right after 1st grade.

Tami said...

Brock...Now you and Mattie are twins and you both look DANG GOOD!!! Hope the tooth fairy finds you soon.

Hogan Family said...

Ya! It is funny the things kids are so excited for. I think he looks cool too!