Thursday, February 12, 2009

Weekend fun in Boise

This past weekend Spence, Brock, and I went to Boise to visit my sister April and her family. We got there on Friday and went to Cabelas, dinner and a movie. On Saturday we went Skiing at Bogus Basin all day. It was so much fun, and for those of us (like me) who are not very good at skiing, there is alot of fairly flat runs. It was a blast.

This is Brock and Bailee eating lunch .
Brock and his killer goggles! What a cutie pie!
Brock and Bailee happy with full bellies!
I hardly ever have a picture of just Spence and me, so I guess this is the best I get, with the hat hair and all.
April and Matt
Brock riding up the hill on the Magic Carpet. He loved this!!
Brock coming down the bunny hill.
Brock and Bailee on the Magic Carpet.
My very exhausted Brock in the car on the way home.
This is at Cabelas. Brock, Bailee, and me.
Bailee absolutely loves to pose for the camera.
Brock, Bailee and Elija
Overall our weekend was so much fun. A HUGE THANKS to my mom and dad for keeping Hayley, Jordan, and Chandler. They had a great time at Grandmas and Grandpas house. And another huge THANKS to Matt and April and the kids for a very fun weekend. We are going to make this an annual trip, and next year, Hayley and Jordan get to go!!!


Jessica Potter said...

What a fun trip! Looks like you guys had a blast!

Rachelle said...

Amber, how great to hear from you..Wow 4 kids. I had no idea. Its crazy how time flies and all the sudden we're old with lots of kids!!

Okie Bloxhams said...

you and April look like twins. you're a babe. I can't believe that is Elija. i remember when he was a little baby and toddler. sounds like you had fun!

The Yount Family said...

Hey, next time you come to Boise you need to let me know! I would meet you somewhere or you could stop by my house on your way for a few minutes. I would love to see you!

Eric and Tracey said...

Like Lisa, I can't believe how big Elija is! Such a doll still!! Cute pics. Your brock is such an armstrong too. Fun times!! You look so great too!

Hogan Family said...

What a fun trip. I would have loved to see you going down the mountain. I can't believe how much you look like your sister.