Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Blogger Assignment

In school this semester, I am taking a Computer Literacy course for my degree.  This next assignment was to create a blog and discuss the role of technology in teaching or education.  I e-mailed my teacher and explained to him that I already had a blog, and he was gracious enough to let me turn my extremely out of date blog in if I just added this post.  I am super grateful that I do not have to start over, and it has made me get the bug to catch up and try to keep it current.  Here goes....

 I think that technology is making a huge entrance into the education system these days.  I find it so amazing how you can walk down the hall of any school at any level, and see a teacher using a form of technology.  You can see teachers using tablets to teach a certain topic, and the image can be displayed onto the board through a projector.

I think that technology will definitely assist me in teaching someday.  There are so many great programs and applications that could be used to teach children these days.  I have seen firsthand the ways that technology help children learn, my own children being the examples.  Some of the things that my children have learned simple by knowing how to use technology is amazing.

I do think that there could be some negative aspects to using technology in the classroom, but I think that mostly falls on the teacher.  If the teacher knows what programs are being used, and what the programs are teaching our children, then they could be mostly a positive experience for any child. 

One of the websites that my children like to use to learn is This is a very educational website, especially for the younger children.    

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