Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hiking Oxford Peak

This summer Spencer and I wanted to hike one of the mountains around our area.  We decided to try hiking Oxford Peak.  Spencer's sister Heidi, her husband Jeremy, and her son Brady went with us.  It was a long, hot, and sometimes steep trail.  Brock did awesome!!  He never complained that he was tired or hot.  He outhiked me by a long ways. 

A little over half way there we came upon a spring that was running into a trough.  It was a nice break for the kids.  They played in the water, dunked their heads in, and splashed each other. 
Brock and Brady also collected flowers for me the whole way.  I kept most of them until we got back, and took a picture for the memories.  When we got back we were so tired and definately sunburned when we got back.  I could not walk correctly for a few days after, but it was so fun, and I can't wait to hike another.

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