Friday, March 13, 2009

My Little Wrestler

Last week Brock started Wrestling. The matches are the most wild and chaotic things ever. There are hundreds of kids running everywhere, and oddly enough, nobody gets lost. This was Brock's first match this year. This first little boy is Nicki Vaughan's boy Reese. Brock gave him a good run for his money, but Reese ended up beating him by points.

This next boy was a whole head taller than Brock, and Brock was a little nervous. No problem for Brock though. Brock pinned him in the second round.

This is a wonderful activity for Brock. He thinks that he needs to stay in shape to be a good wrestler. I have never seen a young boy so determined to do his best. He tries so hard and absolutely loves to wrestle.

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Tami said...

Go Get em' Brock!!! You are truly a Champion every single day when you are doing your Very Best!!! We are happy for you and were so thrilled to see you in competition on your mom's blog. Please keep us informed on how you are doing and GOOD LUCK with your upcoming matches. GO BROCK GO!!!