Monday, November 22, 2010

Why Do I Try?

 I tried to take some pictures of the kids for a Christmas card.  Holy cow talk about crazy.  I really thought that it shouldn't be too bad.  Stick them in the leaves, they will smile and it will all be cute.  They thought they were so funny.  I would get them almost ready and then Jordan would do something funny.  They would all start to laugh and I would have to start over.  I did that over and over until I was freezing and cracking up myself.  We had some good laughs and being with my kids like that makes me remember to not sweat the small stuff.  My 
 Christmas cards will probably be just as cute weather the kids are darling and polite, or acting like themselves and being silly.  It was so fun and I am so happy to be the mom of four great kids!

Jordan's #5

 Where does the time go.  I cannot believe that my little Jojo is 5.  He wanted to have a party so bad so we invited Angie and her family and Lacey Lish and her kids over for pizza and cake.  Right before everyone was to arrive Jordan fell asleep.  That makes for a fun party.  I woke him up and he was a monster.  He decided to smile once the gifts started to come.  All he wanted for his birthday was the Hungry, Hungry Hippo game.  He opened it and was so excited that he got shy about it.  It was so funny.  Then we started to sing to him and he got embarassed.  He closes his eyes when he gets that way.  I love his funny little quirks.  A couple days later he got this way cool Spiderman hat and gloves.
He has worn them day and night since.  He had a fun birthday.  That weekend we took him and the other kids to Outer Limits to play.  They had a lot of fun and played every game imaginable.  Jordan had a great day!

Princess Ballet

The BYU Ballet came to the High School to do a Princess Ballet.  Hayley was dying to go.  She got all dressed up in her princess attire and we went to the ballet. It was so fun.  The princesses all came out to get pictures with all the little girls.  She thought that she was really in a fairytale.  It was so fun to spend some "girl" time with my little girl!

Hayley's New Look

Hayley decided that she wanted a perm in her hair.  So being the thrift that I am decided to do it myself.  (Okay, so I had Angie do it for me. I am not that good.)  Anyway, it is so cute.  She loves it and it is so easy.  Add some gel, scrunch, and go.  Perfect for my little girl. 

Brock's First Swim Meet

Brock is on the Swim Team in Lava this year.  He has been struggling a little but has been catching on really fast.  He decided to sign up for his first meet.  It was in Preston and was very small.  Perfect for a beginner.  He did awesome.  He finished all four of his races...freestyle, backstroke, kick board, and breaststroke.  He was tired but didn't quit.  I was so proud of him.  Spence said that his buttons on his shirt were going to pop for being so proud.  Good Job Brock!!! Keep On Swimming!

Halloween 2010

This year our Halloween was very simple.  Brock wanted to be a hunter, Hayley a cheerleader again, Jordan a fireman again, and Chandler a hunter.  I love it when they want to be the same thing two years in a row.  Sure makes it easy on me.  They had another fun year trick or treating and I am glad it is over for yet another year.

My Boys and Their Dogs

My boys love the dogs, especially Chandler.  This Lab "Lady" is not supposed to be a house dog, but she sneaks in all the time.  Chandler loves it when she comes in.  They are best friends, and I completely trust her with him.  She has more patience with him than she ever did with my other kids.  I love this picture of him sleeping with her.  He wants to take her to bed with him, but that is where I draw the line. 

Jordan was sleeping on the couch and out little "Lucky" got covered up with the blanket....all but his legs.  It looks like Jordan is growing a set of dog legs under the blanket.  Too funny. 
Chandler fell asleep on the floor in the sun and Lucky always lays in the sun.  Well I guess he figured if Chandler was in his sun then he would have to lay with him.  He snuggled right in and fell asleep on Chan's shoulder.  It was so precious.  I will always be a dog person, even though they do sometimes make me crazy.  They are all so good with my kids.  I know that any of the three of them would protect my kids no matter what!

Another Soccer Season

 Another soccer season is over.  Brock and Hayley both played this year.  Hayley played very good for her first time but was ready to be done by the time the season was over.  Brock played awesome at every game but had a pretty tough seaon.  I am so glad that they have these sports to play.  It is so good for them to get out and run. They love to play and I love to watch them. 

Hayley #7

 Hayley had a fun birthday this year.  It was the third day of school, so it was kind of crazy.  She wanted to take some friends swimming, so thanks to my great relatives Randy and Paige this actually happened.  They let us come and use their pool. 
It was a terribly stormy day and we wondered if the swimming would really happen.  We picked up all the kids and when we got to the pool the rain stopped and the sun came out.  They swam for a couple of hours then it started to storm again.  It was surely meant to be. 
Hayley has some good friends and they sure made it lots of fun. 
Hayley wanted grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner so that is what she got with a candle and all. 
 I can't believe that my little girl is already 7.  Times flies too fast.  She is such a sweetheart with a spitfire attitude.  (If those two things go together.)  She is always willing to help her brothers and will do anything to please her momma.  I love her so much and I am so glad that she had a great birthday!