Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hayley Girl!

Hayley has been in dance class this year, and she has absolutely loved it.  They had pictures last week, and she looks like a doll.  Her recital is next week, and she is so excited.  She has told everybody about it.  When she first started class she was a little hesitant when I told her she would have to dance on a stage in front of lots of people, but I think that being in school has really helped her fears be calmed.  This has been such a good experience for her, and I hope that she always enjoys being in dance class.
(This song 'In the Summertime" is one of the songs she is dancing to.  It is so cute!)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Spence

Today is Spence's Birthday.  He had a rather relaxing day with it being Easter and General Conference Sunday.  Spencer is such an amazing person, and the love of my life.  He is a fantastic father, and a wonderful husband.  I know that I don't give him the credit that he deserves.  He never gets mad or upset, and is always trying to keep peace.  I hope you had a great day Spence.   I love you more and more each day!! 

Easter Eggs

We colored Easter eggs on Friday.  What a mess.  Angie brought her kids over to color them together.  They had soo much fun.  Chandler had a blast.  The other three decided to use their hands, instead of a spoon to color them.  Hayley's hands are still pink two days later.  They had a great time, and a wonderful Easter. 


Anyone who has a puppy can agree with me when I say that they are just as hard, if not harder than a toddler.  Well, Hayley's puppy that she got for Christmas (I am not sure what Santa was thinking) is a very hyper pup.  We have had a lot of fun with him.  He is finally totally house trained, but he has decided just this last week to chew on EVERYTHING!  He chewed through Brock's Playstation cord.  He chewed the corner of my Scriptures.  He loves Hayley's Teddy Bears.  But, if I leave toilet paper anywhere in reach, he gets it.  We can't even put it on the hanger, he gets it.  Well, the cupboard where I store extra rolls was left open, and this is what I found.  I walked in the room, hollered at him, and he immediately lays down like he did nothing.  He really is just like having a 5th child.

Space Derby

Now that I am a mother of a Scout, we have all sorts of things going on at our house.  For Brock's very first Pack Meeting, there was a Space Derby.  We knew about it for a month, but of course, Spencer didn't start on it until 2 day before.  Brock's rocket, was by no means the fanciest rocket at the derby, but I will say that it flew pretty darn good.  It almost went to the end both times.  He was pretty proud.  There were some that only went a couple of feet.  Brock had a fantastic time.  I think that he is really going to enjoy Scouts.  His mom just needs to get a better attitude about the whole thing.