Tuesday, August 25, 2009

First Day of School...Happy or Sad??

Many yawns after a very hard morning
Brock was so excited to have a "shoulder" bag this year.

I actually did get one smile out of her that morning
But that was all.
Her awesome backpack and her cute hair

Of course, Jordan and Chandler didn't want to get left out.

Brock looks like she is poisonous or something.

I thought that the first day of school was supposed to be an exciting event. Well for Brock it was, for Hayley, not so much. She had herself in such a worry that she has not let me out of her sight for over a month. The first day of school comes, and she cried all morning long. I got her to school and she went with me to drop Brock off, and I took her to her class and she had a come apart. All of the other mom's felt so bad for the little girl who was crying. Her teacher Mrs. Waldram, (JennaLee Stuart) called me a little later and told me she calmed right down. She ended up having a great day.

Brock as always is my easy going little guy, who gets a long with almost everyone, and he had a fantastic first day of school.